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The Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC) is investigating the costs and benefits of securing chartered status. As well as undertaking research, the Institute is advancing internal and external consultations to gather initial thoughts from our members and stakeholders on impacts and options, including maintaining the status quo.

This work responds to a commitment agreed at our 2020 AGM when we adopted our Corporate Plan 2020-25, while further details are outlined below.

The IHBC may decide to submit a 'Petition for Royal Charter’, subject both to high levels of support across members and stakeholders, and with the agreement of the Privy Council Office – the administrative lead on chartering. As with a planning application however, there is no guarantee that a petition for charter will succeed.

This web resource hosts our evolving understanding of a petition, successful or otherwise. It also serves as the consultation hub and reference for the institute's members, our networks and the widest stakeholders in the process.

Feedback and Consultation

NB: Please first review the ‘Summary Resources’ listed below, as these will change throughout the programme.

Anyone can explore and contribute to discussions on a petition for charter across a range of social media platforms.
Just use the hashtag #IHBCpetitionforcharter.

Everyone – not just IHBC members – is encouraged to offer thoughts, proposals, concerns, support and suggestions HERE.
These submissions will inform the consultation process

If you would like to submit a formal statement to the IHBC for review and record, simply email the Institute’s Company Secretary Lydia Porter at admin@ihbc.org.uk.
Such statements will be individually acknowledged, logged, followed up and responded to as required.

Funding is also available for IHBC Branch and Network initiatives.
IHBC Branches and networks can apply for funding to support linked events etc.
as detailed below.


See below for more detail

Privy Council Office
Applying for Royal Charter


FAQs: Download (PDF)

Petition for Charter Consultation
IHBC Council 30th March 2023
IHBC NewsBlog Report: IHBC Council
Briefing Note for Council
Presentation to Council 1: Chartering and Charities
Presentation to Council 2: Path to a Charter


IHBC is a charity registered across the UK (including listing in Northern Ireland), and the professional body representing historic and built environment conservation practitioners in the public and private sectors.

Since 2014 the Institute has been advancing a wide-ranging modernisation that includes a reform of our governance, starting with our IHBC+ programme that tested new organisational structures. Most notable there was our ‘Council+’ assembly, offering a stronger and more inclusive voice of – and resource for – all our members.

In December 2020 the IHBC AGM adopted new Articles of Association, available HERE. That built on the lessons from the IHBC+ initiative. These Articles complied with current standards for UK charity regulators while also accommodating any decision on progressing towards a petition.

That same AGM, in 2020, also adopted the Corporate Plan 2020-25 (CP25) which committed the IHBC to:

  • Explore and test chartered status internally and externally, including through a cost-benefit analysis, and in accordance with any new constitution (CP25, Object B, Key Action c.ii).
Together the IHBC’s new Articles and Corporate Plan frame the current investigation of and consultation on a 'Petition for Royal Charter’: #IHBCPetitionforCharter.

This web hub and resource coordinates the IHBC’s evolving information and ongoing consultation programme on a petition for charter. As such it is a resource designed to reach across the institute's voluntary, executive and wider networks and stakeholders.

Branch & network funds for events and more linked to #IHBCpetitionforcharter

Funding is available to help the IHBC's Branch and voluntary network host and lead local events linked to the current consultation. Such events may include representatives from the IHBC’s Board and Council, including David McDonald, IHBC Chair; Lone le Vay, IHBC Vice Chair, and Mike Brown, IHBC President and Council Chair.

Branches can register any event or activity linked to the consultation on social media using the tag #IHBCpetitionforcharter.

Local and Branch volunteers also may email thoughts, proposals, queries and suggestions for related event programmes to our Branch Liaison Officer Jude Wheeler at support@ihbc.org.uk.

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